The other day I was able to try the Mystery Pop-Tarts. It's a new gimmick where the Pop-Tarts have a white icing with a fun stamp as the photo (could be a monocle or mustache or something like that) with a white filling. Pretty basic. The idea if you take a bite and try to guess what this flavor is. Well, my family and I tried them and I think I have a pretty good guess what flavor it's supposed to be.

Well, by myself, I tore it in half, then again in another half so my first bite could be as much frosting and filling as possible.

After my first bite. Honestly, I didn't take much. I took a second bite and it just tasted sweet. Nothing fruity, nothing wild, nothing tropical -- just sweet. Like when you make your own icing using powdered sugar.

That's what I started thinking I've tasted something similar and then it hit me.

Frosted Sugar Cookies.

You know, those cookies that have way too much frosting on them? I think these taste like that.

Here's where it gets bizarre. My wife took a bite after she tore hers in half, too. She said it tasted like spaghetti. Like, without the sauce, just wet noodles. I kind of laughed but noticed it does have onion and garlic powder as part of the ingredients on the side. I think they use those for the pastry part and not the filling, but still I thought it was a fun observation.

My kids didn't quite know, either. But we love these mystery challenges and fun of Kellogg's to do something like this.

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