A lotto ticket almost got tossed in the trash but it turned out to be a $2.7 Million lottery ticket and now a lucky Sunnyside man is collecting his winnings.

According to the Sunnyside Sun, a Sunnyside man is now a millionaire thanks to a ticket he purchased at Safeway. He bought the ticket at the Safeway on 6th street.

The winner bought the ticket from the vending machine and almost tossed the ticket until he realized he'd won.

On the vending machine, it allows you to reinvest your winnings from a previous winning ticket but the man noticed something different about the machine so he decided to re-scan the ticket and discovered that he'd won millions.

The machine told him to contact the lottery office because anything above $600 has to be paid out through the lottery office but imagine holding a $2.7 million dollar ticket?

The man is a construction worker in the Yakima Valley and says his retirement will be a whole lot easier.

You can read more details on the winning here.

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