Today (July 9) was the annual Scripps National Spelling Bee. It was held in Florida and the winner was fourteen-year-old Zaila Avant-garde of Harvey, Louisiana. The winning word was “Murraya”. How can I be expected to spell a word I never knew even existed?

I've always joked that if I were a super hero, my super power would be super spelling. Spelling has always come pretty naturally to me but I can't hold a candle to the kids that compete in that competition each year. Sure, like everyone, I have a few words that always trip me up. Thank goodness for spellcheck!

It got me to thinking, what is the most commonly misspelled word? A quick Google search landed me on a study done by AT & T that used Google Trends to track which words people look up to find out how to spell. The data was even broken down by each state.

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We Washingtonians were not alone in our search to find out how to spell "quarantine". Eleven other states also had that as their #1 most commonly misspelled word. Not surprising considering it is a word that we heard, seemingly, 1,000 times a day in the last year. My favorite part though? The most common way that it was misspelled was "corn teen". Corn teen?!?! That's not even close!

The other words that Americans had the most trouble with were,in order:
* favorite
* coronavirus
* which
* every
* believe
* definitely
* separate
* eighty
* receive
* government
* pharaoh
* piece
* multiplication
* watch
* exercise
* confident
* succeed

Remember kids, " 'i' before 'e', except after 'c', or when it sounds like 'a' as in "neighbor" or "weigh".

Hmmm... Weird.

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