I was that kid, I had free lunch through most of my schooling. I had to walk up and hand a ticket to the lunch lady everyday and fortunately for me, I was never harassed for it by other kids, but I have also heard horror stories of school personal tossing a PB and J sandwich at a kid for not being able to afford a school lunch.

A man in the state of Washington is trying to solve the issues and give everyone in the state a fresh start of school lunch debt!

Jeffery Lew of Seattle started a GO FUND ME account and yielded unexpected results according to an article published by Today.

In May, Lew created a Go Fund Me campaign to attempt to pay off all the school lunch debt in Seattle Public Schools, which was no small feat — The lunch debt in Seattle Public Schools at that time was $20,531.79. But Lew met his fundraising goal of $50,000 and then some, so then he decided to do the same for the surrounding school districts in TacomaSpokaneRenton, and Clover Park. He has now paid off over $100,000 worth of debt in the five school districts.

Lew's goal is to stop "school lunch shaming" and the cause has exploded with a new website and more raised money then he'd originally asked for. He has now taken the overflow and started paying debt down in several school districts across Washington State.

I love that he's doing! You can check out the campaign here ----> Erase Lunch Debt!

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