If Thursday afternoon's "Tiffany Takeover" of Mega 99.3 is any indication, remembering the '80s might be even more fun than living through the '80s ever was.

No, totally!

In a special evening edition of the Fo' Sho Show, Tiffany (yes! THE Tiffany!) sat in at the mic, picked all the music and talked about the early days of her career -- her influences, the artists she's met or worked with, and the behind-the-scenes fun of, like, The Coolest Era EVERR. Meantime, 10 lucky fans who'd won a spontaneous contest to be in the studios with us got to ask the pop star questions, tell us their own '80s stories and hang out with Tiffany, her crew and, well, US!

Tiffany's in town, of course, for Friday night's (Sept. 8) "Totally '80s" show at The Capitol Theatre with Debbie Gibson -- Downtown Julie Brown will be their DJ!

The show starts at 8 p.m., but if you buy a VIP pass you can get in at 6:30 for the pre-func VIP party.

The fun includes '80s clothes (yes! Leg warmers!), snacks (Pop Rocks, anyone?) -- and even a hair-crimping station!

And FYI: Tiffany told us Friday's audience can expect a few special surprises!


Meantime, here's a quick photo look at how the Mega "takeover" went Thursday:




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