Washington is filled with a lot of beauty, Mt.Rainer, the Cascade Mountains, the giant lakes, ocean shores, and even its giant cities. But there are other things in Washington you may have never seen for yourself. So we put together a list of the 5 must-see things in Washington.

Some of these things may sound a bit touristy but even locals are in love with these places and consider them hidden gems that a lot of outsiders and tourists don't even know about. So let's take a deep dive into Washington History and show off some of our Hidden Gems.

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5.) Hobbit House / in Port Orchard

In the wilderness of Port Orchard is a home known as the Hobbit House. That's right, a home built right into the ground and small enough to house actual hobbits from the Lord of The Rings. One fan was so obsessed he spent a good amount of money recreating the home for themselves. You can see it in Port Orchard.

4.) The Gum Wall / in Seattle

People travel from all over the world to see The infamous Seattle Gum Wall, tourists and locals alike will come to put their piece of gum up to become a part of history. You can visit this location anytime by going to Pike Place Market in Seattle.

3.) Fremont Bridge Troll / Freemont Bridge Seattle

It's true, under the Freemont bridge in Seattle rests a giant Bridge Troll, you can go anytime and see the troll for yourself crushing a 1970's Volkswagon Beatle. It was created due to an art competition in 1989 when locals demanded they had a say in the beautification of their own neighborhoods.

2.) Olympic Hot Springs / in Port Angeles 

Washington is home to a plethora of mountains and snow caps, a lot of the lakes and water in Washington comes from those snow caps on top of the mountains. However they usually filter in the cold water, but in Port Angeles, you can find real Hot Springs. The Olympic Hot springs can be found on the bank of Boulder Creek. These natural springs go up to around 138 degrees. Enough to stay warm but not enough to burn you.

1.) Beverly Sand Dunes / Matta Washington

You read that right, Washington state has Sand Dunes and some pretty beautiful ones. You can find them out in Matta Washington just North West of the Yakima Valley. Washingtonians love going here to spend a day out in the sands either on 4-wheelers, in their jeeps, or on dirt bikes. It's perfect for any kind of off-roading in Clark County.

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