For the 6th year in a row the Wapato School Board of Directors has earned the State “Board of Distinction” recognition from the Washington State School Directors’ Association.

The board has been recognized for many years for doing the right thing

The annual WSSDA Boards of Distinction program honors school boards that demonstrate effective use of the Washington School Board Standards. The program honors school boards that demonstrate effective use of the Washington School Board Standards. School officials say the standards promote research-based governance practices that lead to high levels of student and district achievement, and help close the opportunity gap.

The board, despite challenges continues to display leadership

Wapato School Board members include President, Maria Erickson, Vice President, Sarah Davina, Javier Vela, John Francisco and Lorenzo Alvarado.
A press release says "WSSDA Director of Leadership Development Tricia Lubach says despite historic challenges this year, school boards displayed tremendous leadership in bringing students back to in-person learning safely and creatively. She added, the boards that are being honored developed unique approaches that reflected the needs of their students and families and relied on careful analysis of data that indicated those needs."

The award places the board in line for another big recognition

The Wapato Board’s selection as a Board of Distinction also puts it in the running to be chosen as one of the Boards of the Year in the State. Each year WSSDA recognizes one board from each of its three categories of small, medium & large school districts as a Board of the Year. Last year the Wapato Board was selected as the Board of the Year in the medium size district category.

All of the Boards of Distinction honorees will be recognized at an awards luncheon on November 19th which is day two of the Annual State WSSDA Conference taking place in Bellevue November 18-20.

The Yakima School Board was also recognized as one of the best

The Yakima School District is proud to announce the School Board of Directors is recognized as a WSSDA (Washington State School Director's Association) 2021 Board of Distinction!

Martha Rice, President

Graciela Villanueva, Vice President

Don Davis, Jr.

Raymond Navarro, Jr.

Norman Walker

To be awarded, school boards show a clear link between their leadership in applying the Washington School Board Standards and closing gaps that impact student success.

A press release says "We are grateful for our Board of Directors and their visionary leadership that continues to help our school districts close opportunity gaps!"

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