Washington, the "Evergreen State" made some milestones for the 2021 legislative session, which began this week.

For example, six (6) African American women were elected to serve in the Washington state 2021 legislative session, our highest number yet. (It is exciting and sad at the same time to say this, but a whole SIX Black women made the voters turn up and turn out! Congratulations to each of you!) We also have our first Black woman Congressmember to represent the state of Washington. As a Black woman who wanted to run for office this past election, it makes my heart proud and happy to think that I could have been Elected #7 if COVID hadn't forced me to choose between my career and providing for my family's financial needs over my political aspirations. To be frank, that was one of the toughest choices I have ever had to make and one of my life's biggest regrets. There's always next time, though, and I'll be ready when that time comes!

Here are three (3) HUGE laws that we Washingtonians will be looking at with bated breath during the 2021 legislative session. For a full list of House bills introduced in this session click here. For a full list of Senate bills introduced in this session click here.

3 HUGE Bills We Are Watching In The 2021 Legislative Session

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