Kodak Black's "Skrt" provided the perfect template for one aspiring rapper to tell his ex off as the above video is earning an artist named Poodieville some viral fame. On the original, Kodak declares "Girl I'm done with you, girl we done it's through," and here, Poodie turns the heartbreak of being cheated on into some emotional bars.

Sitting passenger side, sipping what one would assume is a variety of dark liquor, Poodie laughs away the pain before getting into his feelings. He kicks things off by evoking another song altogether. "Man these aint loyal, they ain’t nothing to invest in/She’ll tell you she love you dog, then go and fuck your best friend/Then she hit you with that line, like ‘I think we should be friends’/So y’all break up on Monday, she sucking dick by the weekend," he raps.

A tweet containing the video has been retweeted over 100,000 times and liked over 185,000 times. Talk about turning an L into a W. Authenticity and truth will always have an audience, with the above video making the viral rounds quickly. How he translates this into further fame remains to be seen but as has been the case with viral videos such as this, there may be a record contract at the end of it all. Watch the emotional video up above.

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