Tyler, The Creator is teaming back up with Adult Swim for a new show called The Jellies!, which you might've seen on the Gold Media app a couple of years ago. The new series follows the main character Cornell Jelly, a 16-year-old human who's adoptive parents happen to be jelly fish.

The thing is, Cornell didn't know he was adopted until he was much older, obviously creating a personal crisis for him. Handling the voice duties for the series include AJ Johnson, Blake Anderson, Phil LaMarr, Kevin Michael Richards, L-Boy and Tyler himself, who will also be composing an original score.

The rapper's last gig with Adult Swim was in 2012 when he and his Odd Future crew put out the show Loiter Squad, which ran for two years. There's no release date for The Jellies! as of yet, but you can check out a trailer for it above.

You can also watch the premiere of Tyler's new series on Viceland, Nuts and Bolts, on August 3.

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