Tupac Shakur's plans for a restaurant will finally be fulfilled. 20 years after the iconic rapper's death, Tupac's Powamekka Café is set to become a reality. Take 3 Burgers has partnered with Fresno Grizzlies Marketing Director Sam Hansen to create a one-day, pop-up restaurant using sketches for the café drawn by Tupac before his death.

"Tupac Shakur left behind detailed sketches and notes for the logo and menu of the restaurant he planned on opening before his death," reads the caption of an Instagram post of the sketche. "Pac's vision becomes a reality on September, 13th. @take3burgers #powamekkacafe *you can zoom in on IG now."

Tupac was going to open the Powamekka Café in Los Angeles before his death. The rapper's dream will now come to life at the Take 3 Burgers location in the Fulton Mall in Fresno. The menu will feature such items as the California Love chicken sandwich and Thug Passion cake pops.

The restaurant's creation is thanks in large part to the work of Sam Hansen who previously collaborated with Kanye West on designs and merchandise. Hansen also gained some notoriety for transforming a Fresno Grizzlies concessions stand into a version of the fast food chain featured in the cult classic Good Burger.

"Working on Powamekka Café makes me feel like I’m bringing Pac’s vision to life like I used to do for Kanye," Hansen told the Business Journal.

The Powamekka Café will only exist on Sept. 13, so diehard Tupac fans better make travel arrangements quickly. The event will be capped off by local musicians playing covers of Tupac's work.

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