Google is a wonderful company! They manufacture high-quality products and provide a web-surfing experience unparalleled in its intuitiveness and user ease. They’ve made tracking down a specific page in the endless expanse of the Internet into a few simple clicks, drastically cutting down research time. They connect people. They make the world a better place.

We love you, Google.

Okay, I think they’ve stopped reading. Google is stone-cold terrifying, a company of near-limitless power with unprecedented access to personal information. They control our lives and while they purport to not be evil with their suspiciously on-the-nose slogan “Don’t be evil,” their potential for invasion of privacy should give us all the heebie-jeebies. And at long last, a film has begun to capitalize on just how creepy the totality of Google’s influence is.

James Ponsoldt’s newest film The Circle adapts Dave Eggers’ novel about a markedly Googlesque company simply called The Circle, a vast corporation that treats its employees like royalty. But behind all the cake and watermelon, something more sinister is afoot. Emma Watson plays their newest recruit, overjoyed to have gotten such a stimulating job and immensely grateful for the medical assistance they‘ve offered her ailing father. Even so, she finds something off-putting about the Circle’s CEO, portrayed by Tom Hanks. His gospel of absolute transparency comes off as a little ironic, considering the fact that he’s almost definitely hiding something.

With a supporting appearance from John Boyega and a release date of April 28, this could end up a sleeper hit in our paranoid modernity. Nobody can hide, not anymore. Not with Google The Circle watching. (Please don’t hurt our precious SEO, Google.)

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