Yakima's original Grocery Outlet store celebrates 40 years in the Yakima Valley on Friday, February 11. You are invited to join owners Dennis and Vicki Baker and the team from the store at 2109 South First Street on Friday from 12:00 pm to 4:00 pm for a 40th anniversary celebration.

The store was first called "Canned Foods" with a painted rainbow around the store

The store was first opened in 1981 by Vicki's parents, Dale and Molly Hannon on Ranch Rite Road and was called "Canned Foods." But the name changed to Grocery Outlet in 1986 and was the first Grocery Outlet to open in the State of Washington.
In 2003 Dennis and Vicki Baker relocated the store to its current location and expanded choices at the which included produce, dairy and beer and wine selections.

The Bakers have expanded the store and helped other future owners

Since then the Bakers have grown the store and helped train many other people who are now owners of their own Grocery Outlet stores. In a news release from the store the Bakers say the store plays three main roles in the community; To save people money. To have a store that gives back the community and has fun (like Celebrity Turkey Bowling) and many other partners including animal rescue! And to have a store where they "teach kids to work, provide a flexible job for single parents and college students, and a second chance job for some people who have made mistakes in their lives." Grocery Outlet now has more than 400 stores which are publicly traded on the Nasdaq.  Each location is independently owned and operated.

Lots of fun planned at the store on Friday

Don't miss the 40th Anniversary Celebration Friday, February 11 at the store, 2109 South First Street.

Shop to '80's music, find 4 scavenger hunt cards around the store and you'll get to:

SPIN THE WHEEL at checkout for even more discounts and PRIZES like free items and grocery grab bags!

Enter to win a $40 gift card to Yakima Grocery Outlet! Get your picture posted on Yakima Grocery Outlet's Instagram and Facebook accounts with Selfie Signs!

PLUS If you dress up in '80's style, you'll get an entry to a SPECIAL DRAWING for a $40 gift card to Yakima Grocery Outlet!
Enjoy '80's music throughout the month of February and fun promotions in store and on our Facebook page!
Our Yakima Grocery Outlet opened February 10th, 1982 in Yakima Washington, filling a need in the valley for a discount grocery store. We are proud to be the first in the state!

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