My girlfriends and I were on a Zoom chat and we discovered that Tik Tok is a rabbit hole of fun.

It started with our friend Iva, who told us that she wakes up every morning and watches quick inspirational videos on Tik Tok to start her day off on a good note. She says it relaxes her and puts her in a great mood.

Next, our friend Jaleise told us that she has become obsessed with "Plant Tik Tok", which lead to Iva telling us to each buy ourselves a Meyer Lemon Tree. She says it will make our homes smell aromatic and fresh. Our friend, Tiara, was so impressed with what Iva told us that she ended up going online while we were talking and bought a $40 lemon tree on Etsy.

It is so easy to get wrapped up in Tik Tok, whether you are a preteen or a 40-something-year-old! I created a Tik Tok account last year and only made two videos. One was with my 9-year-old daughter trying to lip-sync to Megan Thee Stallion's pop song, Savage. What a cute, hot mess!

I wonder what other kinds of rabbit holes I will find on Tik Tok. I'm not so much into plants, but I am into decorating my home lately, so perhaps I can find a "Home Decor" channel. Yep, I found it right here!

Now, I am wondering if when you search for a group of videos on Tik Tok, do they call them "channels" or a "playlist"? I have a lot to learn.

I decided to ask my daughter Willow's 8 and 9-year old friends, Shayla and Raquel, who are having a covid sleepover at my house tonight. They both know more about Tik Tok than I do!

"Sometimes when you go to the "For You" instead of the "Search" section, they have cuss words!" says 8-year-old Raquel. Oh, well, in that case, I had better watch out! (Ha, ha!)

"I like to watch funny animal videos, cute little memes, and Roblox stuff," says Raquel's 9-year-old sister, Shayla, when I asked her what kind of stuff she likes to watch on Tik Tok.

I am ready to go down the Tik Tok rabbit hole. Wish me luck. Here I go!

Quarantine Memes

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