October's now an afterthought and December is right around the corner, so Moms, let's get it in gear for the month of November!

Here is my basic starter pack for moms that will definitely help you keep from losing your sh%t during the month of November!

  • 1

    Chicken Nugget Money

    Okay Moms, here's a great tip for the month of November: There will be a couple of days when you will need a friggin' break from the kids for an hour or so. Better put some "Chicken Nugget Money" in your Mom Survival Kit.

    I suggest that you take them to the Burger King Play Place. You can have a few moments to yourself to do whatever, like get caught up on your Facebook, Twitter or Instagram feeds, or see what's happening in the news. Maybe you could do something practical with that time such as paying the bills, preparing your calendar for the week, or reading emails. Personally, I just sit there and zone out playing Farm Heroes Super Saga on my phone. It's a great way to relax for a few minutes while your child makes new friends and spends some of that energy climbing those "castle spaceships" and going down the slides.

    Bring about $10 or so, and get the kids a Chicken Nugget Kids' Meal and some cookies; you might want to put in a couple of extra dollars to get yourself a little something off the Value Menu!

  • 2

    Thermostat Control

    Electric bills during the winter can be a BEAST and it's so not fair! This year, you need to take control of your home's thermostat to make sure you don't end up with bill shock! A good rule of thumb is to keep your thermostat around 78 degrees during the winter. (Not really, I'm just making that up, but it sure feels good when it's warm in the house, doesn't it!)

  • 3

    Freezer Full O'Food

    Nothing is worse on a snowed-out day than finding out you don't really have much to eat in the fridge. Delivery is pretty much out of the question unless you don't mind waiting a couple of hours for the delivery driver to get to your house. There's NO WAY you are putting on your boots, scarf, gloves, and snow pants to drive to the grocery store in that weather! Do some quick menu-planning now to get some freezer-ready meals for those days you might be stuck at home with a house full of hungry kids.

  • 4

    Secret Toilet Paper Roll

    The family doesn't seem to understand that they use WAY too much toilet paper. At least once during the month of November, moms need to prepare themselves for that muffled bathroom yell, "MOM, WE'RE OUT OF TOILET PAPER!" That's when you come waltzing in with your secret stash. Stop what you're doing for a sec, go grab a roll of toilet paper and put it in a secret locaton right now, and then come back to read #5 on this starter pack list! You'll thank me later!

  • 5

    Mom's Night Out

    If you don't get at least ONE good day to yourself in the month of November, you are going to lose your ever loving mind! Ask the kids' dad to step in and watch the kids while you take some much needed time to yourself. If the father is not around, then hook yourself up with that babysitter. Call them right now!