As the 2019-2020 academic school year comes to a close I would like to give a special congrats to all graduates including my niece who got her Bachelors in Accounting.

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Nevertheless, out of all the graduates success stories there is a gentleman who has done the impossible which is to become the first African American valedictorian of the 2020 graduating Class of 2020 of Princeton University in their entire 274 year existence.

WDSU report, that the school announced via press release that a Canadian student by the name of Nicholas Johnson will become the first African American valedictorian in school history.

Johnson spoke to CNN about his major accomplishment,

It feels empowering. Being Princeton's first Black Valedictorian holds special significance to me particularly given Princeton's historical ties to the institution of slavery.  I hope that this achievement motivates and inspires younger black students, particularly those interested in STEM fields.

After his virtual commencement ceremony on May 31st due to COVID-19, Johnson is going to continue his studies over the summer and start his PhD studies in the fall.

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