The mask mandate has been set for almost two years, finally, we had hope for the indoor mask mandate to be lifted on March 21st, now Jay Inslee has announced that the mask mandate has been pushed forward.

Thankfully other states such as Oregon and California have already announced they will be lifting their indoor mask mandate as well and have persuaded Washington officials to do the same. Here's everything you need to know.

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The original plan for the indoor mask mandate was due to be lifted on March 21st, now multiple officials have come forward and stated Washington is not only ready for the mask mandate to be lifted but ahead of time. Jay Inslee stated in a press conference that the Indoor mask mandate is to be lifted on March 12th and stay that way barring no more outbreaks occur.

This doesn't mean small outbreaks will get the masks slapped back on us but instead larger outbreaks that could threaten those unvaccinated or those with high-risk factors playing a part in the Covid-19 pandemic.

However, if businesses ask to wear a mask then the mandate is still enforced for those locations. You will also have to stay masked up when visiting government buildings, hospitals, retirement homes, and medical facilities to ensure the safety of others.

Thankfully we've taken another step forward towards some normalcy not only in our state but the rest of the country as well. Governor Jay Inslee had this to say during his press conference.

“While this represents another step forward for Washingtonians, we must still be mindful that many within our communities remain vulnerable,” Inslee said in a prepared statement. “Many businesses and families will continue choosing to wear masks because we’ve learned how effective they are at keeping one another safe.”


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