Wray's Parking Mishap
Hopefully, no one was injured and the car didn't get damaged too badly, but it begs the question: What was the driver thinking?
50 Cents
My daughter and I were near a pop machine when she request a drink from said machine. I went to see how much it was and was shocked to see it was still 50 cents.
To me, 50 cents is the perfect price or 12 ounces of liquid goodness. In recent years I've seen 60 cents, 75 cents and even $1 for a c…
Grocery store troubadour
You know me as the Filipino Bambino or the Filipino Scorsese.
But shoppers at Wray's, 56th and Summitview avenues, know me as the Grocery Store Troubadour.
After three hours of karaoke outside the front doors of the store Friday night, one thing was clear: People dig my groove...