It is that time of the year to rake, rake, rake those leaves that are falling from your beautiful trees that once (if you are me) gave your backyard some privacy, but are now shedding all over your lawn.

STOP using that old splintered rake, and use some hacks to make raking a little easier this fall:

  1. DO NOT rake your leaves if they are wet. This adds weight -- and not only to the bag. It also creates drag while raking. Think smarter, not harder.
  2. Got a lawn mower? Just give your lawn a little mow. It'll mulch up your leaves and you can give dispose of them that much easier!
  3. And why in the world would you keep using that old busted rake? Just go to the store and buy a new one, for a couple of reasons. First, a busted rake does not do you any favors. Missing teeth on the rake, splinters -- all of that makes it hard to get the leaves up. Second, new rakes have things like longer teeth and handle cushions. Just run down to your local hardware store and get yourself a new rake.

If you have already started raking your leaves, show us how big your leaf piles are!

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