Two Idaho kids have been missing since last fall and now Chad Daybell, their step-father has been arrested as human remains have been discovered on his Rexburg property.

The two children, Joshua "JJ" Vallow (7) and Tylee Ryan (17) vanished in September 2019.

It's a tangled web that's been under investigation for months.

Investigators have been unable to crack the case until today with the arrest of Chad Daybell.

Daybell hasn't been charged with anything yet but was taken into police custody after a search warrant was issued for his property.

The human remains have yet to be identified by authorities but backhoes are on the property.

This is the second time the Rexburg property has been searched.

If you recall, Lori Vallow, the kid's mother was found in Hawaii and ordered to deliver the children to Idaho by January but she never showed.

She was arrested in February and sent back to Idaho where she sits in the Madison County jail on charges of abandoning her children, lying to authorities, and interfering in an ongoing investigation. Vallow's bond is currently set at one million dollars.

According to authorities, the warrant is sealed but hopefully, we'll get an update from law officials on why the arrest and detainment of Chad Daybell. You can check out and follow more of the story as it progresses here.

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