It's week 11 and still no sign of a 5-year-old Yakima boy missing since September 10 from Sarge Hubbard Park. KIT News has requested all available investigative information from the Yakima Police Department through a Freedom of Information request but like other media organizations the city has denied releasing information claiming it's part of an ongoing investigation.

The information was denied as part of an ongoing investigation

KIT News requested all information regarding the investigation into the missing child including any news about police questioning the parents of Lucian Mungia and any information regarding his parents cell phones.
Police won't say if they've investigated the parents story of what happened to the boy through forensic evidence like the location of the parents cell phones on the day the boy was reported missing.

Police still aren't saying why the police chief said a video of the child existed

Police still won't say why Chief Matthew Murray told media for weeks there was a video of the child at the park on the day he was reported missing. The chief late last month admitted there never was a video but there's no information as to who told the chief a video existed and why the chief told reporters the video was evidence there was no foul play in the case. The chief gave specifics about the video saying Lucian was walking in away from the play area toward a body of water at the park.
But no video ever existed.

Police say they continue to follow any leads in the case

Police say there's no evidence of foul play and they have no updates in the case. However police won't release information about the ongoing investigation and have not answered questions surrounding the parents of Lucian Mungia.
Police say they continue to follow leads in the case but so far no sign of the boy at the park where he was reported missing by his father on September 10.

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