It’s way too hot out here, too hot to have your pets sneaking off to go do the “scoodaddle” and then popping up with babies everywhere, especially when the babies have no loving homes to go to.

There are a few places you can take your dog or cat to “get fixed”. That is a morbid thought to some people (like me) but it beats the alternative of our family cat, Fluffy the Mayor, coming home one day being followed by his brand new kids. I am totally sure Fluffiy’s babies would be the CUTEST LITTLE KITTENS EVER”, but I last time I checked, I do NOT run a zoo and my name ain’t Dr. Reesha Doolittle! I already have enough mouths to feed without throwing in looking after kittens to my busy daily routine!

If you need some recommendations for a spay/neuter clinic, you can try Tieton Animal Clinic (my friend owns that place), and also try the Yakima Humane Society. I tried to get ahold of them on the phone yesterday but they didn’t answer. I told my daughter, Willow, that I will make sure to get Fluffy neutered this summer. The thought of dealing with potential kitten babies drains all the color from my face, so to speak!

YHS has very affordable rates to neuter your pet: this much for cats and that much for dogs. Need to get your lady cat/dog spayed? It’s this much.

Help prevent animal overpopulation by getting your pets spayed and neutered, Yakima!

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