With the coronavirus shaking up everything in the world as we know it, what does that mean for our farmers' markets?

Beginning April 1, there was a new program available for Washington state residents who have SNAP or EBT benefits. It's called the Snap Match Market and is ready for use at participating farmers' markets.

Use your state benefits by swiping your SNAP/EBT card when buying fruits and vegetables in Granger Farmer's Market and the Downtown Yakima Farmer's Market, Pasco Farmers Market, Ellensburg (Kittitas Farmers Market), and Pasco Farmers Market.

There are a few limitations with using the Match Market program. For instance, you cannot use your card to purchase dried, canned, or frozen items (vegetables or fruits). So ixnay on trying to buy the peppered jellies, cider and/or fruit juices. You also cannot buy "dried herbs, seeds, eggs, baked goods, seafood or meats, and milk or cheese."

For more information about the Snap Market Match program available for local farmers' markets and a list of locations, click here.

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