I think Yakima is a pretty swell place to live but there are a few things that we see on a daily basis that we should all try really hard to stop. Small things, here and there.

Driving Through Red Lights
And not just speeding through a yellow light. I'm talking about how the light was red two seconds ago and you still drive through it. Yellow means wait, even if you're late.

Turning Left When it's Not Your Turn
I'm speaking, specifically, at an intersection when you have to yield to oncoming traffic and they never do, do they?

Know How a Roundabout Works
Some are still a little iffy on what's polite and proper. Basically, yield to anyone else who's already in the roundabout. If you have time, go for it. Simple.

Taking Up Two Parking Spots
I don't care how big your truck is, if it doesn't fit, park somewhere else. If you're concerned that someone will hit your truck because it's so big, that doesn't mean it's okay. If you're afraid of damage, don't take it out. If you do park like a jerk, it may just end up on Facebook's Yakima Parking Hall of Shame.

Driving Fast through Parking Lots
Especially when they drive through the parking area instead of the designated driving area. I've almost gotten hit so many times. Fortunately, unlike them, I was paying attention.

Drive with a Dog on your Lap
If it's illegal to talk on your phone while driving, it should be a criminal offence to drive while your puppy is on your lap. I can't think of too many things more distracting than that.

Naturally there are several more that shouldn't go without saying, but still happen daily like driving under the influence, texting and driving and more.

Those are just a few that come to mind. What's on your mind? What annoys you whenever you see someone else do it? Tell us in the comments.