According to Washington Post, republicans in Missouri are trying to ban steak and seafood as well as things like cookies, chips, soft drinks and more from food assistance programs like EBT. Do you think this is something Washington state should look into as well?

The bill being proposed would ban the purchase with food stamps of "cookies, chips, energy drinks, soft drinks, seafood or steak." -via Washignton Post

As someone who spent a couple of months on food stamps when I was between jobs and using EBT to feed my family, I'm on both sides of this.

On one side, I feel as if they shouldn't ban things like steak and seafood as it's food.

On the other side, someone on EBT should be smart about their purchases knowing they don't need t-bone steaks or lobster tails in lieu of something that would last longer or a much better price. And I agree that cookies, chips and energy drink shouldn't be allowed.

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