We have a new family member ... she's furry, small and likes to eat fruit.

Say hello to Hazel Nut, the sugar glider. Last year my little Shaylee came across the sugar glider booth in the SunDome during the Central Washington State Fair. She begged her dad and I to buy her one, but we already have four indoor cats and I wasn't about to drop money on a small furry critter that would become a gourmet kitty treat.

So Shaylee decided she was going to save up her own money and buy one herself. I agreed to her plan, thinking that there was no way she could save up that much money and she would forget about this whole sugar glider nonsense.

Let's just say Shaylee is her mother's daughter. When she puts her mind to something, she makes it happen.

She saved her money for an entire year, not even knowing whether the sugar glider people would even be at this year's fair.

Luckily, they were. Shaylee didn't have quite enough money for the cage and all the other stuff that a sugar glider needs, so her dad kicked in the rest of the money. He couldn't bear the thought of telling her no right there at the fair after she had saved up for an entire year.

Yeah. She has him wrapped around her finger. Another mother-daughter similarity.