There I was, just chillin' on Facebook, when all of a sudden, I see this scroll past my screen:

Parents of school-age children all over the nation are on high alert over these creepy clowns, with stories popping up about them from the East Coast, the South, and now, even over here on the West Coast! I even heard that a football game was rescheduled between Wenatchee and Eisenhower high schools because of the creepy clown threats! (This story turned out to be a hoax of a different sort!)

If you are a student who is scared that a killer clown may attack you, might I suggest that you take a canned food item and keep it in your backpack so you can throw it at any would-be attackers! Use your self-defense! Or just let me at 'em! I will go all Homey D. Clown on these fools, who are likely some teenagers sitting behind a keyboard, giggling over getting their school closed for the day so they won't have to take some test! Ugh! Miss me with that mess!

When are all the good clowns going to come out and denounce these radical scary, killer clowns?

You know, at first, it was kind of entertaining with the sight of "scary" looking clowns being sighted, only because we all thought it was some big promotional tool to promote the upcoming remake of the Stephen King movie, "It". But now, the sightings have come along with social media threats on specific students and specific schools. There have even been reports of murders committed by people in clown suits -- killer clowns are on the loose!

As of 6:10 this morning, the Yakima School District issued this alert via their Facebook page:

I really don't see how closing down school for one day is going to keep a scary clown away. Won't they just come back the next day? Or what if they show up unannounced? This is getting to be ridiculous!