My ninth ride was today and it was my hardest yet, in the best way! You'd think it would have been my first but I'm learning the more confident you get the harder you can push yourself! Aaah! My goal is to reach 107 rides, to start out. I want to see what kind of transformation my body goes through and I am so excited about it.

Music Lovers Unite

One of the main reason's I work in radio is to be close to music. Ask anyone who has ever worked with me and you'll quickly find out, I sing a lot. The studio is mostly soundproof but it doesn't stop my voice from carrying down the hallways. Maybe you're this way too, or you take it to the showers but either way, music lovers know where it all starts. The energy that comes with a great song is what StarCycle Yakima, has figured out! They're putting together fresh playlists with an intense 45-minute workout that will kick your butt but have you coming back for more.

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Why I Ride

For as long as I could remember I've always carried extra weight around my belly but this is one of the first work-outs that I can feel my muscles getting tighter in that specific area. My core and back are getting stronger and my rides are getting more intense because in the moments I am struggling I am putting into practice the tips instructors hand out like candy.

Tips from the Pros

Stay low with your butt just barely grazing the seat. Use your heels to push down when you really need to dig in and take time to pull that belly button in so your midsection is getting worked out like a boss.

You Choose When to Ride

My jam is a 5:30 am class, I know it's early but completing a work-out before the sun has even risen feels amazing. There's also a 9:30 am class that features Star Kids, with a quick pre-register through the app you can bring the babes and take a moment for yourself, even better, invite a friend! Lots of different options are available to fit your lifestyle and if you wanted to bring your partner, I bet you'd push each other in the best way!

The Vibe

Seriously, this is more than a workout. The lights get turned down low, there are candles burning and the instructor is on a platform that's viewable from every bike in the house. With your ride, you get special shoes that clip right into the pedals and the instructors are also fantastic about getting your bike set up. Depending on your height, you might need to adjust your seat, super easy to fix, and then it's my favorite part. Once I hear that click of the shoes and the music gets going I am in my own world. Pushing myself to do as much or as little as my body can handle. You'll need your water, start with the lightest set of weights and by mid-class, you will be so thankful for the towel that's provided.

The Boutique 

If you've been searching for unique workout outfits, cute beanies, and even plush robes, jewelry, and candles you should for sure swing by. It can be tough to get yourself motivated, especially in colder weather but instead of not doing anything. Try out a class and see if it's a good fit.

Special Classes

There are also special rides popping up all the time like a Black Light Ride, Free Brittaney, or this Saturday and Sunday there are reggaeton rides! I'm going Sunday so maybe I'll see you!

What My First Guest Rider Had To Say

Nikki - I'm still feeling the burn from Wednesday morning!! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this class! Such a great vibe and had me feeling great and so proud of myself! Thank you for introducing me to this amazing place.

Clip-in, Check-Out, Let's Ride!

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