It's hard to look just about anywhere and not see some effect of the Coronavirus here in Yakima. With Washington being one of the first states in the US (if not the first) it certainly has put many people here in the valley on alert. The good news is that, here in Yakima, we're doing our best to stay healthy.

If you have any concerns about your illegal recreational drugs like meth, cocaine, heroin or any substance of that nature, don't hesitate! Take it immediately to your local police station so they can make sure your drugs are quarantined and away from you to make you as health as possible.

In fact, there's a decent chance that they'll even put you up in a clean facility to live there for a few weeks to a few years, depending on how much you bring in. Something to consider in these trying times for us all.

Keep in mind that it doesn't have to be the Yakima police department. Any local police department whether it be Sunnyside, Selah, Ellensburg -- any local police will be happy to do this task for you. In fact, I'm sure they'd love it if you helped out your other friends and family who may have this problem, too. Can't be too safe this day and age.

So, please, if you have meth, heroin, cocaine or any other illegal substance that you're unsure of, bring it straight to your local police station so you can make sure you're as clean and as healthy as possible.

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