You know that old adage, you break it, you buy it? A new Kennewick business is opening and it offers a very unique customer experience that allows you to smash and break everything in a room. 

It's the Columbia Basin's first-ever "Rage Room"

Have You Ever Been In A Rage Room? It's Kennewick's Newest Business

That's right, there is a place now that you can go and get all your frustration and anger out or if you just like breaking things, this place is for you. Imagine smashing and breaking anything and everything in a room and getting all your frustrations out.

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Owner Brigette Rose is the mastermind behind Kennewick's newest business that allows you to smash and crash items in your very own rage room.

How Does A Rage Room Work?

Rose in an interview with our news partner KNDU says that there will be two rooms available.

One room will allow you to break and smash things and another room will be a paint room where you can fling and throw paint.

You'll be outfitted in protective gear and you'll be able to have fun and let off steam in a healthy environment. The official website for the business describes the business as such:

A break room (also called a “rage room”) is a room where you can break items by throwing them or you can choose a tool that is provided, like a baseball bat or golf club, and break your items! It is a safe place where you will be provided protective gear and can release emotions, de-stress, and have fun!

Where Is The Take A Break Rage Room Located In Kennewick?

The new business is located at 309 West Kennewick Avenue in downtown Kennewick.

The business will be open for business starting on December 10th and you can start purchasing gift cards and get more details on the new business here.

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