More ballots were counted on Wednesday. The District 5 race for a seat on the Yakima City Council saw a change after the count. On Tuesday Liz Hallock had 449 votes at 31.51% and Mark Collins had 438 votes at 30.74%
After Wednesday's ballot count Collins increased his tally to 555 but Liz Hallock pulled ahead increasing her tally to 596.
More ballots are expected to be counted Thursday. Soneya Lund leads the race with a total of 681 votes.



Tuesday was Primary Election day in Washington State. In Yakima 23.9% of the 47,000 ballots sent out were counted Tuesday night.
In races for the Yakima City Council in Districts 1,3, 5, and 7 the top two winners move forward to the general election.
In District 1, Kenton Gartrell and Eliana Macias will face each other in the November general election.
In District 3, it's Patricia Byers and Thomas Sund in the race for the District 3 seat.
In District 5 more ballots counted Wednesday could make a difference in the close race between Soneya Lund, Mark Collins and Liz Hallock.  Lund came away with 37.54 % of the vote. But the close race is now between Liz Hallock with 449 votes at 31.51% and Mark Collins with  438 votes at 30.74%
In District 7 Incumbent Holly Cousens enjoyed a big lead of 68.36%.
Sarah Towell and Tracey Bautista are vying for the second spot.  Towell is in the lead with 18.28% and Bautista at 12.55%.
In the city of Wapato lots of changes are set to happen because of the primary votes including Wapato Mayor Dora Alvarez Roa...who is not advancing to the General Election.
In the city of Selah voters gave thumbs up to two fire levies but a measure to support the operation of the Selah Aquatic Center failed to reach the 60% supermajority for passage.
The Selah pool levy had 58 percent support.

The results of Tuesday's (Aug. 6) 2019 Primary Election. The top two winners in each race move to the general election in November.

Legislative District 13 Representative, Position

Alex Ybarra 75.82%
Steve Verhey 23.76%

City of Granger Council Position 5

Maria D. Gonzalez 30.87%

Hilda Guzmán 37.58%

Israel Bustamante Luevano 30.20%
City of Sunnyside Council Position 5

Mike Farmer 43.32%
Silvia Ramos 20.47%
Julia Hart  35.87%
City of Sunnyside Council Position 7

Betty Lynn Garza 32.19%
Mike Kennard 31.16%
Craig Hicks 35.96%

City of Wapato Mayor

Dora E. Alvarez-Roa 8.59%
Brinda Quintanilla-Bautista 7.81%
Gina R. Ramos 9.77%
Joseph (JC) Wofford 16.80%
Keith Workman 49.22%
Leah Smartlowit 7.81%
City of Wapato Council Position 2

Edwin Andrade 18.18%

Jesse Farias 65.22%

Joel Torres 15.02%

City of Wapato Council Position 4

Marla Floresca Hernandez 17.06%
Doug Milne 22.62%
Margaret Estrada 26.19%
Frank Jaime 24.21%
Barbie (Barbara) Hilario 9.92%

City of Wapato Council Position 5

Frances M. Ayres 22.53%
Irasema Gonzalez Cantu 12.65%
Cindy V. Goodin 18.07%
Tony Guzmán 32.02%
Roberto Reyna 13.44%
City of Wapato Council Position 6

Danae Pugh 12.25%

Judith Owens-Canapo 61.66%

Rosemary "Rosie" Reyes 25.69%
City of Wapato Council Position 7 At-Large

George Perea 16.67%
Karina M. Lara  28.46%
Caroline Solis 53.25%
City of Yakima Council District 1

Kenton Gartrell 46.55%
Eliana Macias 42.86%
Matthew Sagen 9.61%
City of Yakima Council District 3

Berenice L. Ponce 19.38%
Patricia Byers 45.17%
Thomas B. Sund 34.73%
City of Yakima Council District 5

Mark Collins 30.74%
Soneya Lund 37.54%
Liz Hallock 31.51%
City of Yakima Council District 7

Tracey Bautista 12.55%
Holly N. Cousens 68.36%
Sarah Towell 18.28%
Mount Adams School District Director District 2

Shawna Young 37.88%
Joseph Larez 16.67%
Todd G. Spencer 45.08%
City of Selah Proposition No. 1 for fire services (requires simple majority)

Yes 73.48%
No 26.52%
Fire Protection District No. 2 for fire services (requires simple majority)

Yes 68.98%

No 31.02%

Selah Parks and Recreation Service Area Proposition 1 tax levy (requires super majority 60%)

Yes 58.03%

No 41.97%



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