I have been to quite a few towns in Washington. One of my favorite things to do since moving here is travel up and down U.S. Highway 101. The sights on that route are incredible.

Some of the quiet little towns are off the beaten path. I had to go to Moclips once in the middle of the night. I had never been. I rolled my window down so I could smell the ocean coming. I sure did, but couldn't see a thing. There are hardly any street lights for miles.

A couple of weeks later after I saw that side of the ocean, I decided to travel over by Seattle. I wanted to see one of the lighthouses that we have in Washington.

I Googled Point Wilson Lighthouse, which is right next to Port Townsend. My friends and I checked it out. It was so cool. I would love to live in an old lighthouse. On our way back, we stopped for sandwiches in the cutest town there could possibly be -- Port Townsend.

It was gorgeous, cute and even the sandwiches were amazing.

A recent study ranks Port Townsend as the prettiest town in Washington.

I would have to agree with the study. Port Townsend wins in my book as well.

What do you think? What town in Washington do you think is the cutest or prettiest? Tell us in the comments below.

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