I hate to be the bearer of bad news but the streets are giving up in this heat! Don't believe me, check out this story from the SF Chronicle that showed a picture of parts of I-5 breaking up due to heat expansion. I didn't even know that was a THING!

We are seeing some truly epic and unusual high temps in the Pacific Northwest as of late. The National Weather Service says it's because of "strong high pressure". What's up with that? Where is all of this pressure coming from this early in the season. I mean, sure, summer began last week on June 21, but dang, couldn't we get a warm up to the brutality that is the triple digits?

This heat is some BULL! I am one of the fortunate ones who has AC in my apartment; there are so many people searching for one and stores are all sold out! Even trying to find one of those white "box fans" is difficult in our area. I am lucky that I have one of those, too! I bought it from Walmart back in the early spring time because the white noise helps my daughter sleep at night (and me, too)!

While I'm at it, please check on your elderly neighbors and make sure they are okay and staying hydrated during the heatwave. Take your pets INDOORS, don't leave them outside in this friggin' heat. Invite your friends and neighbors over to cool off in your pool if you have one, and make sure nobody goes in the deep end so they don't end up accidentally drowning whilst trying to stay cool.

Did I mention it's so hot out here that the extreme heat has also melted transit cables in Oregon? I didn't tell you that? Probably because I didn't want you to "shoot the messenger"!

Yeah, things are getting pretty rotten out here, but somehow I believe in my heart of hearts that we'll get through this dilemma, too. After all, we have survived COVID-19 (for now)!

After the pandemic and the extreme weather patterns comes the aliens from outer space and the discovery of mysterious creatures living right amongst us. Oh wait, that last part's already happened!

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