Pixies are starting to roll out the music for their upcoming album, Beneath the Eyrie, unveiling a brand new animated music video for "Catfish Kate," their first radio single for the new album.

The clip was created by Krank! Collective utilizing a variety of handmade and digital animation techniques, including old school light box, painted animation, rotoscoping and digital composition. Check out the creative video which encapsulates the bizarre tale of a mountain woman's task to catch a fish for dinner.

"Caftish Kate" follows on the heels of the preview track "On Graveyard Hill," and both songs are currently available to those pre-ordering Beneath the Eyrie. Get your reservations in via the format of your choosing here.

The Tom Dalgety-produced Beneath the Eyrie drops Sept. 13 via BMG, and the band has been delving into the creation of the disc on their "It's a Pixies Podcast." All episodes can be checked out here.

The band will also start touring support for the album on Aug. 13, playing The Cure's Daydream Festival in Pasadena, Calif. After that, it's off to the U.K. and Europe for a tour. All dates and ticketing info can be found here.

Pixies, "Catfish Kate"

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