Well, it is officially parade season. Selah Community Days was just last weekend, Yakima's Memorial Day parade is Saturday (May 27), followed by Zillah Days, the Moxee Hop Festival and a long lineup of others. I remember building floats for the parades we had when I was a kid. I was so excited to go help. All of the planning and fun of building the float was great. Then I got older.When I got to be about 11, I realized that they are kind of dumb. It was always the cheerleaders who would organize the float process. I don't know about you, but the cheerleaders in my town were completely nuts. All of them. The floats were all about them no matter what parade we were doing.

In fact, I liked doing parades even less by the time I was about 17. I helped with a homecoming parade and the cheerleaders decided to make the float and the crepe paper pictures of them. Are you kidding? We had to put string on all of them so they would hold together. Ugh! It was a nightmare. My mom told me that by helping it showed how nice of a person I was.

Halfway through the parade, the string that held all their crappy faces together miraculously broke. Oops. Their faces fell on the ground. They were all on the float and bawling. I pretended like I felt bad, but I was laughing my face off on the inside! Best day ever! HA!

Here's MY kind of float ...


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