Local customers are outraged and shocked to find out that Bank of America is permanently closing Yakima locations.

Bank of America Permanently Closing in Yakima and Union Gap
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I found out this morning when I opened up my email and saw a notice from my bank with the headline, "Your local financial center is closing." That totally caught me off guard. I thought maybe it was some kind of spammy email and I was about to delete it but something told me to click on it and read it.

So happy I decided to read it because the email told me that the Bank of America financial locations in Yakima and Union Gap are permanently closing effective July 26th of this year. What a shock! I've been a customer of Bank of America since I moved from Nashville to Yakima some twenty years ago! They are the only bank that I have come to know and have a love/hate relationship with!

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It took me two years before I found out that Bank of America had already permanently closed the location in downtown Yakima (101 N 2nd St). No doubt, the coronavirus pandemic had everything to do with this because the downtown location was constantly filled with people going inside and during the COVID outbreak, all local banks in Yakima closed off in-person banking services.

What makes me even more ticked off is that just this week, Bank of America sent out an email to all customers that they were drawing down their overdraft fees from $35 to $10 per transaction and that there would be a cut-off limit on charging for no more than two (2) overdraft things in a 24-hour period. I haven't had any overdrafts in quite some time but just knowing this option was going to be available to me gave me a sense of comfort. And now this bad news of them permanently closing the Yakima branches?!

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Digital and Mobile Financial Banking Services
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Thank goodness there is still the Bank of America mobile app option available to existing customers. We will be able to deposit checks and make transfers through the app. The only major downside to these closures is that I won't be able to pop over to the BOA ATM to avoid those ridiculous ATM fees from other banks.

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Why do we have to pay so much money just to access our OWN money?! $4.00 transaction fee? MISS ME WITH THAT MESS!



Bank of America closing in Yakima
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This permanent closure may also indicate that the BOA ATM sites in Yakima and Union Gap will be closing as well. YIKES!

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