As we played the song "No Sleep Till Brooklyn" by the Beastie Boys earlier today, I got the idea to find out how long you'd go without sleep on a trek to Brooklyn, New York from the KATS studio located at 4010 Summitview Ave., Yakima, Washington!

According to Google Maps the roughly 2,800 mile trek will take about 7 hours 5 minutes via plane. That's no big deal to stay awake... but what about the other break downs if we were to follow Beastie Boys commands.

Travel By Car!

The most direct route by car will take roughly 42 hours to travel 2,786.5 miles via I-94 E & I-90 E. No problem, my longest awake span was 62 hours, granted I was only 19 years-old and was enjoying a video game, but still. 42 hours is doable!

Travel By Bike!

By peddle bike it'll be a little longer at 248 hours, but the best/easiest way to go is US-2 E, only 3,030 miles. Now remember, that's if you stay full energy. I'm sure it'd take much more time as exhaustion sets in.

The Forrest Gump Method! (Travel by Running / Walking)

Now if you wanna walk/run the whole way, you know "Forest Gump" the trip, be prepared to stay awake for 868 hours while you travel 2,693.6 via US-12 E. I'm out! Can't Do It!


Before you decide to take the Beastie Challenge just remember the warning signs of sleep deprivation according to Medical News Today.

Side Effects Of Insomnia

*depressed mood
*difficulty learning/understanding new concepts*forgetfulness
*inability to Concentrate/"Fuzzy" Head
*lack of Motivation
*increased appetite & carb cravings
*reduced sex drive

Now if the day ever comes, that the Beastie Boys write a song called "No Treats Till Brooklynn", then I'll start calculating how much tickets / gas prices / hotel stays etc. will cost. Until then, I think I'll sit out the "Beastie Challenge".

If you do decide to take the adventure, there's many neat places to visit along the way!


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