On Tuesday the state Senate passed a ban on plastic bags used in grocery stores. Don't worry, it's not immediate -- stores have until 2020 to use them all up. But until then, we can get used to going without the use of those convenient plastic bags. Although more and more are using reusable bags, here are a few other options.

  • Reusable Bags

This is the route most stores are wanting you to go. Nothing wrong with it, just involves remembering to bring them.

  • Pillow Case

Just like you did when you used to go trick-or-treating

  • Juggle

Can't carry all your groceries? No problem, just juggle them out, keeping them in the air.

  • Boxes

It's one thing I've loved about Costco. When in doubt, use boxes. Stores almost always have empty boxes.

  • Just bring your old plastic bags.

That's recycling, right?

We can all do our part with the environment and, if it's like what Seattle currently does, they'll still have them -- you'll just have to pay to use them. It's never much, but still, we can take that proactive effort.

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