An upstate New York rapper was murdered in his ex-girlfriend’s house, buried in a hole under her bedroom and covered in cement, gravel and dirt, according to Green County District Attorney Joseph Stanzione.

Hudson Valley 360 reports that 31-year-old Brandyn Dayne Foster, who went by the rap moniker Brandyn Dayne, was reported missing in January 2017. More than a year later on Feb. 6, his body was discovered by state police during a search of a rural Catskill, N.Y. property belonging to his next-door neighbor Sade Knox, whom Foster once dated.

On Feb. 15, Carlos Graham, whose home Knox had moved into because they were dating, was charged with second-degree murder in relation to Foster's death. Graham has pleaded not guilty. He was secretly dating Knox behind Foster’s back, Stanzione said, but authorities have not speculated publicly about Graham’s motive for the alleged crime. Foster was reportedly shot to death and then his body was hidden in Graham's home. Then Graham, Knox and a third person, Ashton Adams, apparently dumped Foster’s body in a crawl space under Knox’s bedroom and sealed the hole with concrete, according to new charges filed May 1. The trio also drove Foster’s car to Connecticut, ditched it outside a casino, and returned home in a taxi.

Foster’s mother, Bonnie Steinberg Foster, reported her son Brandyn missing under suspicious circumstances on Jan. 27, 2017. Knox later told Bonnie that Brandyn was fine, and that police searching for her son could put him in danger. Bonnie relayed this to police and they temporarily stopped their search. “Knox knew Brandyn’s mother contacted the police right away,” Stanzione said. “She took advantage of her trust.”

Authorities resumed the investigation in February of 2017, and discovered Foster’s remains one year later. State police, the FBI, Woodstock police, the Ulster County Sheriff’s Office and the district attorney’s offices of Greene and Ulster counties contributed to the investigation, according to Stanzione. In addition to one felony count of second-degree murder, Graham has been charged with six felony counts related to possession of a weapon, stealing a car and concealing a corpse.

Knox and Adams also were charged with three felonies each for their alleged role in covering up the murder. Foster is the son of legendary jazz drummer Al Foster, who played with Miles Davis during the 1970s and 1980s. Foster was a musician himself and released two mixtapes under the name Brandyn Dayne. He is survived by his 10-year-old son, Jazzon.

Graham is being held at Ulster County Jail without bail, and Adams is being held at the Columbia County Jail, respectively. Knox’s family posted her bail. Graham is scheduled to appear in Greene County Court in New York on July 3.—Tosten Burks

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