The other day, I was at Target doing a little shopping for my home. I think I went there to get maybe one or two things, but you know how it is at Target: You go in for ONE thing and end up walking out of the store spending over $100 on stuff you didn't plan to buy.

To be honest, I couldn't even tell you what one thing I had stopped off at Target to get. I left the store with two candles, clothes for my daughter, some blackout curtains, some $5 wireless earbuds, and some more candles. While I was there, I stopped by the board games aisle (again, something I was NOT in the store to buy), and I started laughing out loud at some of the names of these games.

Check out the names of these two games:
"New Phone Who Dis?" and "Slide in the DMs".

I should have at least bought one of them, but I didn't have the nerve at the time. One of my girl friends has asked me to pick up one of these two games so that we can play it on our upcoming girls' road trip. I think that's a great idea. Which one should I get?

I have decided on getting the game, New Phone, Who Dis? (You can find it at Walmart and Amazon, too, or order it online here.)

New Phone, Who Dis?: This game makes whoever is the oldest in the group be "The Judge". I think I would end up being the judge although I am NOT telling you how old I really am. NOT TODAY!! How the game works is, the Judge reads aloud the "Inbox" cards, which contain a "text message" from a player with some kind of overdramatic scenario. Whoever is not the Judge in the round must place down their funniest "Reply" card from the ones they are holding in their hands. Each player gives their reply card face down to the Judge (you could use a table, chair, back seat of the car, what-have-you). Whoever has the "winning" card becomes the winner of the round and the person to the left of the Judge becomes the new Judge for the next round. You'll have to watch this video below to get a better understanding.

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