Netflix officially calculates the “popularity” of one of its films or television shows by totaling how many hours subscribers watch in the first 28 days that a title is available on the service. The “most popular” English language film in Netflix history, for example, is Red Notice starring Dwayne Johnson and Gal Gadot. Netflix subscribers consumed 364 million hours of Red Notice in its first 28 days of availability. That’s a whole lotta red notices.

On the TV side, the most popular Netflix title has been Bridgerton: Season 1, which had a mind-blowing 625.4 million hours consumed during its first month on Netflix. That seems like a staggering amount of television, but it’s now been toppled from its perch as the most-popular Netflix series ever by ... the second season of Bridgerton. 

Netflix subscribers watched 66.6 hours of the show last week, giving it a first-month total of 627.1 million. That means by a margin of just 1.7 million hours Bridgerton Season 2 narrowly beat Bridgerton Season 1. (And when you combine the two, it’s not even close; it really is the most popular Netflix show ever.)

Now that Bridgerton (Season 2) reigns supreme among Netflix series, here is the full top ten list of most popular Netflix shows:

Netflix’s Most Popular TV Shows Ever

These are the most popular TV shows ever on Netflix, based on hours viewed in their first 28 days on streaming.

Other notable titles on the Top 10 shows this week include The Ultimatum: Marry or Move On, which was just behind Bridgerton for second place on the list with 58.4 million hours viewed, and Anatomy of a Scandal, with 40.2 million million hours viewed. That’s a lot, but when you realize that’s less than 10 percent of the amount of Bridgerton people binged in the last month, that kind of puts it into perspective.

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