This Large Million Dollar Home for Sale in Yakima Has 5 and a Half Bathrooms!

Marilane Million Dollar Home in Yakima
Meg Irwin Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices via

When I get married or committed to someone, I am putting this in my prenup: I have to have my OWN bathroom! I am not even thinking yet about what if I become a millionaire whilst I'm married and have to split up all my money like Adele! I'm just focused on getting my own bathroom space so that I don't ever have to wake up in the morning and find out somebody is "using the can" when I have to GO! There is a glorious large million-dollar home for sale in Yakima that has 5 and a half bathrooms--perfect for me (and my sugar daddy)!

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This home costs $1,975,000, that's a nearly TWO MILLION DOLLAR HOME IN YAKIMA!


This Yakima home is located in the West Valley section of Yakima. It is gorgeous and has a most beautifully landscaped yard.

Marilane Home with 5 and a Half Bathrooms Front Yard
Meg Irwin Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices via

5508 Marilane St, Yakima, WA

After you get past the gorgeous views of the front of the yard and wander into the home, you will see that there are not one, not two, not even three, but FIVE AND A HALF bathrooms in this palatial home! I would settle for one of the full bathrooms but if necessary, I would take over the half bathroom (although I know that typically goes to becoming a guest bathroom).

This is the bathroom that I would want to claim for myself! It has a full JET TUB in it and the vanity mirror lighting is perfect for putting on my Fenty makeup! Yesss!

Marilane Bathroom with jet tub
Meg Irwin Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices via

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