I have several military families in my family tree that I want to honor and recognize during National Military Families Month.

My uncle CC was the first of my father's brothers to enter the military. He was stationed near Rammstein, Germany, where he met his future wife, Vickie and they had two sons. They moved back to America in the 90s when they were stationed in Orange County, California. They raised two sons here before they went back to Germany so that Vickie could be near her family.

My uncle Victor was the next of my dad's siblings to join the military. Victor was stationed in San Diego where he raised his family of two sons with his wife, Peggy. One of Victor's sons joined the Army when he became of age and he and his family of five kids were stationed at Fort Lewis for a few years.

Both of my mother's brothers are military men, too. My uncle Benny joined the Navy and my uncle Brian enlisted with the Army.

One of my best friends is an Army veteran and after she was discharged she has gone on to serve in many executive roles in the United States Government in Washington state and beyond. My child's father is also a military veteran. I am very proud of the service and sacrifice of the military members in my life, which is why this month I want to share my love for military families that are close to my heart and yours.

Tell us about your military family and why your special military members deserve a special shout-out on the air! We would love to read your story to our listeners during the National Military Family Month!

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