I was asked by Staff Sargeant James Parks, host of "Let's Do It Radio" (on Blog Talk Radio) to share my most admired female for his call-in show today for International Women's History Month. He is going to feature various people from around the country to call in or send in their messages about the most admired female in their lives.

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I sent Mr. Parks this message, which has now become my love letter to my mom.

My most admired female is my mom, Mary Cosby, not to be confused with that lady with the same name on the Real Ratchet Housewives of Utah in Salt Lake City. My mom has truly been my rock through all my turbulent times.


Reesha Cosby with mother, Mary and daughter Willow
Reesha Cosby, 2016

At an early age, she learned to turn heartbreak, tragedy, and trauma into silver linings. She doesn't know it but she taught me to how be a brave a** b*tch, brave enough to face any challenge with grace and dignity and a slightly Southern drawl.

Reesha Cosby as a baby with her mother Mary Cosby
Reesha Cosby


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I hope to pass these traits on to my daughter, too.

Mary Cosby
Credit: Lisa Woolcock Photography 2011

Ms. Mary Cosby has an infectious and hearty laugh and a mean stink eye that can shank you like a jagged piece of glass. Don't try her! Ha! We don't always agree on things and I sometimes get annoyed because she is such a "fair" lady. You are supposed to take MY side, Mom, hello! lol! But we respect each other deeply and plus we can have a good giggle and gossip session, and that is something not many can say about their moms.

I heart you to the infinite times, Mommy Bear! (The name I have for her in my phone.)

Mary Cosby from Nashville, TN, visiting family in Muskogee, OK
Reesha Cosby

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