So many of the best Superman moments are truly moments, brief glimpses of the impossible made easy, and the right thing made real. One such glimpse is seen in Mike McCain’s new art print "… And The American Way," recently made available for purchase in support of a very good cause.

The print is gorgeous in its simplicity; Superman as a lone splash of color, motion and power, smashing a hole through a giant wall, a physical manifestation of injustice and division, so that we might glimpse the better side of the promise of America in the form of the Statue of Liberty. The piece harkens to Superman’s immigrant past, his days as a hero for the dispossessed, and his roots as a champion of the marginalized, who is stronger than every system of oppression that might hold us back.

Superman isn’t real, but the creator of this print is following the character’s best example by donating all proceeds from sales of this print to the ACLU, the American Civil Liberties Union, which fights to defend individual rights and liberties through the US court system, and currently has its hands very full trying to take on executive overreach.

The print has already been a huge success. Mike McCain told ComicsAlliance:

I've been humbled by the response, and was caught completely by surprise by it. (In a good way!) What started as a print suggestion from my Superman-loving friend @devinsilvia has now raised well over $4,000 for the ACLU. (I'll be making donations at the start of each week, when the proceeds from Gumroad come in.) It's awesome and really heartening how many people out there have found this piece resonant - especially right now.


You can purchase the piece here, and you can find McCain’s website here. You can also support the ACLU directly through its website.


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