I have been dying for concerts to come back in full swing since the pandemic shutdown. I think I can safely say we all are itching to leave the house and see a live concert, comedy show, and kick it at a bistro right about now.

Fortunately, during the month of May, we've got some quality entertainment to look forward to at The Seasons (101 N Naches Ave). I was minding my own business being nosey on the Scene's website and saw they have a full list of upcoming shows right there!

Brad Upton is my favorite comedian in the Pacific Northwest. He always cracks me up and he brings fresh, relevant material at each and every show. He is also a person I call my friend, so I especially look forward to his visit to The Seasons. He even filmed one of his live comedy albums right there at The Seasons. That was such a treat to be in the audience for that! He will be headlining the "Crafted Comedy Series" hosted by DJ Nahum Ray at 7:30 p.m. on May 15th. Upton will be on tour with comedian Monica Nevi. Get tickets here. You can even watch the show on LIVESTREAM! My extroverted introvert dreams have finally come true!

Also coming to the stage is Leviticuss! Just because he has the word "cuss" in his name doesn't mean he brings out the profanity, he keeps it clean and he keeps it real. His shows are very popular around here so if you love rap and hip hop, check out his show with Rello da Don. Get tickets here.

Other notable shows and events at The Seasons in May will include some jazz, alt-rock, a fabulous drag show, and more. Get more details here.

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