May 12 was chosen for "International Nurses Day" because of the amazing Florence Nightingale. She is the founder of modern nursing. Who have heard the term 'The Florence Nightingale Effect' or 'Who do you think you are, Florence Nightingale?' My mom used to say that when I always tried 'saving the world.' Apparently, that is what Florence Nightingale did. In fact, if it weren't for her, nursing may not be where it is today. She changed the perception of how nurses are viewed and how they do things.

Florence grew up in a very rich family. She attended party's and was basically a rich kid. But, reports say, that while she was growing up God told her she needed to become a nurse. She hated the way sick people were treated amongst the poor. Her parents were very mad because they knew that nurses only came from poor families. Thank God for Florence and her trying to change the world and the way people think. Because of what she did as a young women, she changed that way of thinking.

It certainly took some time though. Now we have men nurses and woman nurses. I bet she is watching down from heaven just smiling about all of this.

Happy birthday to Florence Nightingale and Happy International Nurses day!  Always thank a nurse no matter who he or she is!

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