I remember thumbing through the Sears catalog as a kid. It was a treat for my family when the mail carrier would deliver that thick ole catalog. I would immediately turn to the toys and the kids' clothing sections of the book and begin daydreaming of all the things I wished my parents would buy for me.

Through the years, the Sears catalogs got slimmer and thinner and then one day, they stopped coming through the mail altogether. That was of course because of this crazy wild thing called the internet, and we could log in through Netscape and an AOL.com cd (remember those). We could do our window shopping the newfangled way instead of a catalog.

My dad like to look through to see the power tools on sale and my mom like to peruse through the home furnishings and home goods section.

Thankfully, Sears in Sunnyside has withstood the times and the Sears Hometown Store (1702 E Gregory Avenue) is having a grand re-opening to welcome folks back post-quarantine. I'll be broadcasting live from there this Saturday (July 31) from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. There will be some great sales to check out and a coupon worth saving an extra 10% on some items in the appliances, power lawn & garden departments. You even have flexible paying options and extended warranty available on some items in the store!

I look forward to seeing you there at the Sears Hometown Store this Saturday! Personally, I'll be looking around at the Outdoor Furniture section because I recently threw away my old patio chairs and I need some new snazzy ones. Hopefully, you will score something great at the store's grand re-opening in Sunnyside!


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