The Seattle Kraken is still a relatively new team to the Seattle area, one that people have fallen head over heels for. So why is it that some of us still haven't made it out to a game? Some claim the issue is the drive to Seattle or they've never been to a hockey game before.

So we want to help convince you with five big reasons why you should go check out a Kraken Game this year before it's too late. Let's take a deep dive into all the exciting things happening this year.

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5.) Delicious food

The Seattle Climate Pledge Arena has really gone all out when it comes to its food, with multiple choices and amazing flavors. There really is something for everyone, big on Poke guess what they have it, Din Tai Fung, Clam Chowder, Shaqs chicken sandwiches and that's just scratching the surface.

4.) Exclusive Merch

Love the Kraken but can't make it to a team store, well going to a game you can check out their official team store with some things you can buy before you can even find it online, including special collaborations and charity gear.

3.) Celebrity Spotting

As Hockey Grows in the Pacific North West more and more people are doing everything they can to catch a game including celebrities, so far a good amount of famous Washingtonians have been spotted at these games. Even if they're not Kraken fans they may be there to support their home team, how many people can you tell that you saw Steve Carell at a Kraken Game?

2.) Meet Bouy

Our first year in Seattle we went without a mascot, a lot of people were confused about this thinking our mascot was a Kraken, when in fact we couldn't do that because the red wings already have a squid as their mascot. So due to legal reasons, we had to come up with our own, little did we know that the Freemont Troll had a nephew by marriage who was just dying to celebrate the Kraken and get paid for it. That's right Bouy will be at all the games from now on giving you a chance to meet him and say hi.

1.) See Hockey Live

Watching Hockey on the T.V is one thing, but seeing it live is a whole other beast. You feel every moment in the air as you watch the game, skaters cutting the ice, slamming into one another, taking long shots across the ice hoping to score a point. The electricity is unreal in that arena, and it's something you can only experience live.




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