Like many, many Americans, Jon Stewart has found himself totally exhausted by Donald Trump's first week in office, during which Trump has laid out a dizzying collection of damaging Executive Orders. And while Congress' minority Democrats try to hold things together, Stewart's also doing his part to stop Trump — by mocking the man until he's red (and a little bit less orange) in the face.

In a clip from last night's (January 31) Late Show, Stewart assumed the role of a mock-Trump, and immediately began a fictional tirade.

"I, Donald J. Trump, am exhausting," Stewart said. "The presidency is supposed to age the president, not the public."

Stewart proceeded to lay out a collection of completely nonsensical decrees, and even had an idea for a new official language: "Bulls---."

"And by the way, none of that, 'Sure, I'll speak bulls---- at work, but at home I'm going to use facts and real information,'" he said. "No! Bulls--- all the time! Immersion is the only way to be fluent."

And in a much-need moment of sincerity, Stewart urged Americans to fight, insisting it is the duty of citizens of the nation.

"It is going to take relentless stamina, vigilance and every institutional check and balance this great country can muster," he said. "No one action will be adequate. All actions will be necessary. And if we do not allow Donald Trump to exhaust our fight, and somehow come through this presidency calamity-less and constitutionally partially intact, then [Trump] will have demonstrated the greatness of America. Just not the way [he] thought."

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